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Wind Turbine Transportation&Electric Power Equipment Shipping
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Wind Turbine Transportation Logistics & Shipping


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As the equipment becomes larger and heavier,it presets transportation and shipping challenges, because weight and size limits , trailer limitations, road restrictions-approved roads can change every day,there are a lot of transportation and shipping regulations for wind power transportation and electric power equipment, and we decided to make this challenge net professionalism in our organization.

Whether you are establishing wind farm or your industry connected with large numbers of electrical power equipment which usually are heavy and large,we are your address for all your wind logistics or generators transportation and shipping,whether it’s the turbine blades or the tower section which are real challenge as most can run between 18-21M and some can exceed 80-90M with ab 5M diameter,huge parts. The turbines are getting heavier, the rotor blades longer and the tower components larger.
We offer:

⚈ Road trucking,Barge river transportation and short or deep sea shipping

⚈ Full stevedoring and port handling services whether it’s river or seaport

⚈ Chartering full load vessel or as parcel/part cargo shipment with global routes scope


No Two Turbine Shipments Are Exactly The Same…We Get Along With The “Hard-Nuts”…


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Lifting Huge Piece of Wind Power Energy on a Carrier Vessel in Port Trailer Loading an Wind Power Energy Element for Shipping Vessel Lifting last Elements for setting a Wind Power Energy in Ocean


our experienced staff will be present at all times to overlook the loading-stowing process and report all findings.The blades, which are heavy, large and long, require careful planning and expertise to ensure proper stowage,on ship board and port storage.Special attention must be given to on-deck cargo, which is susceptible to shifting unless secured and lashed correctly.
In each and every shipment an in-depended surveyor will guide and escort the whole process and report as well.