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Message from the CEO – Our Motto


Thank you for your interest in our global shipping solutions. Sure, after reading my note you will understand our values and the benefits of working with Stockcargo. If you are looking for reliable and professional partner, you’ve reached the right place.

Correct saying:
“The whole is greater than its parts….”
Our work method values and our customer relations ideals creates the added value.


People ask “why work necessarily with you”>? …. First answer comes to my mind immediately is, why not?
We are in the industry more than a decade, served so far hundreds of companies and private clients. We’ve never let them, doing all possible and beyond to achieve the clients goal. That is a main feature in our company, solving complicated difficulties in real time, not saving efforts and tools! I think, this should be enough cause to convince you.
But if you want more reasons, let ‘s at first analyze the market behavior in our industry and I surely will convince you,
Let me tell you that our skilled and experienced team, allows to offer you most effective solution to your cargo shipments, at any location and schedule.
… And, that we have our direct management to warehouses, trucks, barges and ships. We have limited reliance on subcontractors, which gives you more accessible service, cheaper, and fast results to your advantage and success.

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Let me tell you, our quality standards are among the highest in the shipping industry we received awards and our clients recognize and complementing us,
Let me tell you more, we can assemble the shipping with inland and port handling services, to one complete service.
By this method, you can save you up to 25% of the basic costs. Oh,
here we begin to be unique and unusual, saving transport expenses means, increasing profits for your business.
We pledge to give you door-to-door service from anywhere to any location in the world, in the most cost-effective rates.
You should not move at all from the executive chair in your office, assured we will do the job by your instructions, beyond your expectations .
This is clear and strong advantage.
We do care about your money as if it was our money! If after all the agreements, turns out we were wrong, expenses or our plans do not comply with our planning,we will never ask you for an extra fee or postpone the agreement between us.
A word is a word, we’re going after our commitments and we mean every word we say. This company’s feature certainly have to move you forward.
Let me tell you that in contrast to 90 % of the companies, to our call center you can call any time of the day, even now. You will get human respond 24 hours a day, and we’ll do the most possible to solve your problem in real time, clear advantage….. And more importantly is the follow one,
I pledge to be involve personally in your project to the last detail. If necessary, I’m willing to work and help 24 hours a day, so you can be calm, feel in safe hands, and sleep soundly .
A commitment like this you will not receive almost from any company manager in the shipping industry. Most are busy with… and do not even know your project, they look at you as a number, through bank statements…

Here, you have someone to talk to, we have cocked big ears to listen, broad shoulders to carry your load, and the capacity to provide with the right complete solutions.
Welcome to Stockcargo,
We are crave for the next challenge

J. ElliAv.
Founder & CEO

My personal email address: ja@stockcargo.eu

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