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European Waterways, Barge Carrier, Inland Waterways Transport
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European Waterways, Barge Carrier, Transport & Logistics


European Waterways,
Barge Carrier,
Inland Waterways Transport & Logistics.

DCI-wrote ab us, Stockcargo


Barka, Barja, Binnenschip, River ship, баржа, a rakomány uszály, Bark, barcaça, der Lastkahn, chiatta, Riečna nákladná doprava, mavna, yük gemisi, or Donau barge transport.
Regardless of your language or how you name it,
eventually you have reached, leading barge carrier, who can provide you optimal transport & logistics, for your trade, through the inland European waterways, and European canals.


Barge definition; Flat-bottomed boat for carrying inland freight,
typically for rivers and canals

Out of familiarity and profound experience in StockCargos’, Danube Logistics, business unit, we highly recommend the barge transportation, as most effective and economic wise inland transport in Europe.
Advantages of the European waterways’ trade routes over seafreight:
For voyage distance of more than 250 km, the barge transportation costs are cheaper than Trucks, or Railways.
European Countries without natural seaport, such; Hungary, Austria, Serbia, Switzerland, Slovakia… can use the rivers and canals as convenient way out to the major seaports. Either Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg, in the North sea, or to Constanta port through the Danube river to the Black-sea.
The distance between North-sea ports to the Blacksea ports, sailing through the Rhine and Danube rivers, is shorter than sailing through the North-sea and Mediterranean to the Black-sea or contrariwise .
Its 3200km, by barge transport, and 6300km by ocean vessel.
The transit time with barge transport might be longer than seafreight, but the barge availability is much higher for these routes. You won’t waste your time waiting for suitable sea ship.

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Data above is correct also for Dry General Cargo, Break-Bulk and Heavy cargoes, even more so, benefits of the Inland Waterways transportation are quite clear;
Outstanding options considering loads weight, size, quantity etc.
Crossing borders easy without delays, no police or escort needed
No need for special permits and authorizations to move your cargo


Danube River map, river ports and terminals

Map with Danube Ports in Europe

Germany Austria Slovakia Hungary Croatia Serbia Bulgaria Romania Moldova Ukraine

Click desired Country to Enlarge and open Related Port Location sub map

StockCargos’, Danube Logistics, operates fleet covering varied commodities and product types: Bulkers for dry agriculture and construction products, heavy barge for Equipment and machinery, and tankers for liquid. The load capacity ranges between 700-3000mt per one barge.
  Containers are also suitable for transport by inland waterway, we are well equipped to meet the trend for more and more goods to be sent by containers with barge load capacity possibilities of 20 to 500 TEU, while pusher convoys can take more.
With our trucks we are capable to cover optimal seamless multimodal transportation for our clients in mainland Europe, providing door to door or port to door delivery.

Budapest River Port, the Danube

Budapest River Port

Controlling more than 30 rivers and canals’ terminals along the Danube and Rhine rivers, such, Budapest port, port Vienna, port Bratislava, more, including the route from Antwerp to Port of Basel -Bale. We can arrange river ports handling, warehousing, and high capacity off shore lifting cranes, mobile or floating cranes for your purposes along the European inland waterways. Chartering, VC/TC, available. Our dedicated staff offering professional, high quality service and minimizing costs to your satisfaction and success. Contact us for more details.

European Waterways Map

Rivers in Europe, Map

Click on Map and navigate to Map location

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