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Vehicle Transport, and Heavy Vehicles Shipping
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Vehicle Transport Carrier, RoRo Shipping, Global Solution


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Vehicle Transport, RoRo shipping, Vehicle shipping Complete Global solution


If the business you are developing is part of the construction, mining, or agriculture, or as private customer you just need, vehicle transport, by road trucking, or roro shipping by ship, or combined transport (intermodal)for your construction vehicle, road machinery, or heavy vehicle, you have reached the right site.
We have complete solution for you, you can count on us.


It is our wealth and extensive experience which allow us to give you total, easy and efficient seamless, door-to-door shipping and trucking transport. Whether it’s derivable, or static, by RoRo ship or conventional break-bulk vessel. Offering global access and regular routes from or to our superior trade zones; Europe, Black Sea or Mediterranean ports. Fast delivery and affordable freight rates for your rolling equipment.



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The World’s Rolling-Stocks



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Mafi trailer, Stockcargo roro shipping

The Mafi Trailer

In roro shipping often the carriers use special trailer, roll trailer, or in its most common name, mafi trailer.
The mafi trailer used for moving the rolling cargo inside the port, or stowing it together with the loaded cargo, after lashing and securing the unit to the trailer, on the roro ship deck.
In many cases the mafi trailer also used by conventional carriers for static big units, in able to reduce the shipping costs, compared with break bulk.

Flat rack containers types, StockCargo

The Flat Rack Container

Part of range special equipment that used also by containers’ shipping lines, and Roro shipping carriers.
Some of the Flat Racks’ types has, strengthen structure, such reinforced floors, which allow to load extreme heavy units.
Commonly in use, sizes of 20” and 40” cont. for carrying oddly shaped and out-of-gauge loads such as machinery, heavy vehicles, yachts, and varies ro-ro cargo. Flat Rack containers are also known as Flats (FL).
For containers dimensions please visit our special page “container dimensions” on the right sidebar.


AutoTransport , car transport, is one of our roro shipping mainstays, specialized International Ro Ro autotransport
delivery door to door, combined transport, and import export customs clearing in Europe.

Our quality service includes:

Tailor made autotransport shipping, and cargo collecting
Various complementary international sailing routes
On deck or under deck stowage
Special storage yard for short or long term, in seaports

Ro-ro cargo, Construction equipment and road machinery we carry,
Providing suitable equipment, port services, and global connections
Tractor, Excavator, Bulldozer, Dozer all types, Dumper
Yachts,Boats,Cranes,Floating equipment and vehicles
Military equipment , vehicles, including IMO cargo
Railway wagons, Tram cars, Buses
Drilling machines, Mining trucks
Concrete mixer, Trucks, Trailers


Heavy Vehicles loaded by offshore ramp or crane on deck of Multipurpose break bulk vessel

Heavy construction vehicles, on deck of Break bulk ship. Stockcargo

As direct result of our close relationship with international vehicle transport and shipping operators, our skillful staff and high level know-how we can offer you reliable, and cost effective roro shipping solution, click here to continue the discussion