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Timber,Wood Logs/Pellets/Chips,Forestry Products Shipping
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Timber, Forestry Products, Wood Logs, Pellets, Wood Chips


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Wood logs, wood pellets, woodchips, Timber, forestry products, Shipping Experts


Stockcargo Global shipping company,leading provider of Break Bulk shipping and chartering, can carry your timber, logs, or any kind of industrial or construction wood product from pulpwood to soft or rough lumber from wood pellets to wood chips, from anyplace to anywhere worldwide.


It is our professional staff and extensive experience which allow us to provide you an easy and efficient way to ship your timber, forestry products with global access from/to Europe,Black-sea and the Mediterranean in fast routes and competitive rates, including trucking and barge shipping inland waterways to carry your timer wood logs from the heart of the forests to your port or destination.


Thanks to our network premium locations, in Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg sea-ports in West-Europe,Genoa Livorno, Salerno in Italy,Marseille, Sete France… and the Black sea ports of Constanta, Odessa and Novorossysck and much more…
we share annually traffic of more than 150 million tons of Break Bulk Cargo and Timber forestry products, combining state of the art equipment and expertise,assuring your valuable cargo shipping, safety and on-time delivery.


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By joining our network you will have direct access to fixed, mobile and floating cranes with heavy lifting capacity up to 800 tons, forestry machinery, fumigation treatment process, and about 50, 000 sqm of covered storage or open yard facilities, as well as lashing, rigging and export services,specialists loading and lashing timber,wood logs in bulk or bundles.


vessel-logs-loading  logs-Ship Loading Timber into ship


Logs,Timber and varies wood products considered often out of gauge,heavy cargo or break bulk shipping.These often needs to travel over a considerable distance. In many cases, national borders & different continents have to be crossed. Various logistic modes of transportation are used to carry out of these units, including inland waterways, roads & maritime transport,all these services are available in StockCargo one stop shop for your convenient


woodchips shipping  large-pellets-sacs-shipping Wood cut paletized


Phytosanitary Treatments-Fumigation techniques-Phytosanitary Certificate
as part of import-export logs plants global wide.


The Global shipping movement of wood logs,timber and wood products has cause of necessary of its freedom from pests and diseases,in most countries worldwide, which risk the agricultural resources of the importing country.Hence, the phytosanitary, fumigation measures are required to be in place to prevent the entry of pests into the country, cargo destination.
StockCargo team together with our professional partners can help you execute
the fumigation treatment and provide you with phytosanitary certificate for the country you are exporting to.
We do that in each and every export country,serving international traders.Our team is trained and certified due to the European standard regulations for plant and plant products health,but of course can operate any other method and regulations as per your needs.



Fumigation=Fumigants=are gaseous forms of chemicals. The imported or exported materials are subjected to fumigation to eliminate the pest risk. The fumigation treatment could be done in the port of loading after the completion of the loading or during the sailing to the final destination. Fumigant is a chemical which can exist in gaseous state in/at a required temperature and pressure and is lethal to organisms (insects, animals, plants and other pests) if they are exposed to a sufficient concentration and for a sufficient length of time..