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Time Charter,Voyage Charter, Ship Chartering Experts
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Ship Broker, Chartering, Vessels Charter Specialists


Time Charter,
Voyage Charter,
Chartering Operations Experts


Our Chartering skilled staff, Offering ship chartering, guidance and consultation, orderliness and shipbroking operatives, related Time Charter, Voyage charter,
in the international shipping arenas


Chartering definition; Ship Chartering is an agreement, whereby the shipowner from one side, puts a ship or a part of it at the disposal of another party, the charterer, for the carriage of goods between named ports.
The charterer can in turn, sublet the ship or a part of it to a third party.
The chartering agreement is contained in a document, which named “Charter Party”, or “Gencon…”
For the operations of the ship during the chartering period, the most common two ways are the Voyage or Time Charter, we can provide you both services, for your cargo transportation.
Besides, existing few more ways of operations, which are less common; bareboat charter, the lump sum ship chartering, against a fixed price, and the contract or affreightment-COA. Many companies use also the “booking note” as leading agreement, all according with what the parties involved decide.
StockCargo skilled and experienced ship brokers can guide you safely, through the twists and turns of this complicate operations, you can rely on us.


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The Voyage charter party, is a written agreement for the maritime transport of a stated quantity and type of
cargo, by a named nominated vessel between named seaports for the exchange of an agreed price, called
“freight”. It is the most globally widespread form of ship chartering.
In the case of full load vessel will be operate in the voyage charter, the following operations can be developed;
1. One voyage trip
2. Round trip voyage trips
3. Series of voyage trips
4. Round trip with different seaports
The Time charter party, is a written agreement, for the hire of a named nominated vessel for a limited agreed period of time, during which the charterer may use the vessel as he wishes.
The time during the ship is chartered differs from contract to contract and can be few months up to several years, the limited time named, “period time charter”.

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