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Vessels Ship-Broker house. StockCargo Chartering skilled staff, Offering chartering, guidance & consultation in Gencon charter party orderliness and shipbroking operatives, seamless door to door transport, by liners or tramp ships, in the
Global shipping arenas


Vessels’ chartering is not a simple craft,
it’s the province of the most professionals
and experienced in the shipping field.
Let us,the experts,do the work for you.

We know how serious and demanding decision is choosing a Ship Broker, we take it very seriously and necessary responsibility as required.Let us guide you safely through the twists and turns of this complex domain, while your welfare and advantage is right before our eyes.

Stockcargo shipbrokers, has direct access and connection to shipowners and operators data of more than 80,000 types of vessels, DWT tonnage and magnitude, General Cargo, Multipurpose, Craned Heavy-Lift , RoRo, Tankers, Bulkers for agriculture, forestry products and construction materials.
Updated, extensive real-time information over movements, market trends facts and statistics for your business convenient and reference.
Our expertise can provide also global seaports, structure technical details, facilities and ships departures and arrivals.

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Tip; be aware, the totality of the indirect costs result of the charter agreement, can affect the final payable amount.
One more tip; the changing prices and market fluctuations in different periods of the year and different commodity types, is element to take account of.
Most important, do not wait until the last minute, and negotiate under pressure of time, prepare us well in advance, contact us today if you have a plan to charter a vessel, being able to find a ship, suitable for your needs.
Our reliable ship broker will provide you free initial basic consultation how would be the best to approach your case and business needs.

Every Ship Is a Partnership


Types of ships we charter, deep sea, and short sea cargo ships:

Dry Bulk shipTankerBreak-Bulk Heavy-Lift

Bulk ship Stockcargo chartering  Tanker Stockcargo Chartering Break Bulk Vessel


Providing an efficient transport service between ports for wide range of cargo parcels calls, and complex logistics operations, which we developed to handle.
StockCargo focused mainly in four types of vessels chartering, related to large parcels of commodities segments:
Dry bulk vessels chartering for commodities such; iron ore, coal, grain, cereals, construction raw materials, etc.
Break-bulk, heavy lift vessel chartering, for industrial equipment and machinery, steel products, pipes and scrap
Specialized cargo ships chartering such; Forestry timber logs, wood pulp, woodchips, RoRo and heavy vehicles, which generally using ships built for this particular cargo category.
Liner chartering, specializing in the transport of small cargo parcels, which do not fill the hold of a ship. Liner is fixed service, at regular intervals, between named ports, and offer themselves as general carriers of any goods requiring shipment between those ports.


Chartering Process:
1. The Parties Involved:
-Ship owner,or Disponent owner or Operator

from one side, who hire the ship or part of it, to the Charterer
The Charterer:,
the entity who hires the ship and must pay the “freight” in certain conditions to be agree in the charter party agreement, or booking note
the charterer in principle is the cargo owner, but could be also shipbroker, importer, exporter or freight forwarder.
The two parties negotiate the deal terms and conditions,directly or through the shipbroker/s, and when they come to complete understanding   they sign the “Charterparty” or “Booking-Note”. Click here for Introduction…
2. The ShipBroker, calls also Transport Broker, or Chartering broker signs also the contract “as agent only”.
3. Shipbrokers usually receive a Commission/Brokerage fee for their intervention in the process,
there is no maximum nor minimum and the parties concerned are free to agree about the commission level.
4. The “Freight” is the money that the charterer has to pay to the Owner,for the use of the vessel.
The Freight can be expressed:
– By unit of weight TONS…
– By unit of volume CBM,or CBF…
– Lumpsum/Total all-in, fixed freight
5. To avoid possible arguments we suggest to use “draft survey” or other external in-depended survey.


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