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Sea Freight Trade Routes, Our Liner Trade & Tramp Shipping
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Sea Freight Trade Routes, Liner Trade and Tramp Shipping



Sea Freight
Trade Routes
Liner trade & Tramp shipping


In the sea freight trades, can be identified two main operation types, the liner trade, and tramp shipping trade, StockCago can supply you both, worldwide shipping service.


Definition; Liner trade, against, Tramp Shipping trade.

In the Liners’ shipping; Liner ship is costly, of relatively large size and assigned to regular shipping routes. Sail in accordance with a well established, guaranteed and in published schedules from a defined harbor to one or several other harbors. The liner trade is mainly to carry small lots of goods from numerous customers. Shippers who use this service commonly transport part cargo load on these vessels, handling only part of the vessel space.
Tramp shipping ship, in contrary, doesn’t have fixed schedule, itinerary and plan. Tramp ship is available under demand, in short or fixed schedule. The freights rates are not fixed or stable because they follow the feverish fluctuations of the global commodities and industrial markets and customers. Shippers or charterers who use this process usually, hire full load vessel for one voyage or particular period of time, most probably under charter party agreement. One of the main differences between Liner trade, and Tramper would be in the type of contract of carriage and Bill of Lading used. To learn more about our chartering vessel process click the follow link…


Our operations process
Substantial part of our sea freight operation process is the tramp shipping, hence naturally, our shipping movement, determined with the rules of offer and demand. Thus, at any given schedule, a ship can be found at a different waypoint of the globe. A fact that allow us to provide worldwide sea freight shipping service.
However, our significant advantages, and cost effective rates, are expressed and given in shipping which involved our “home hubs”, at Europe, Mediterranean or Black-sea ports, as described in the “3 table map” below, this page.


Trade Routes, StockCargo; Liner trades, RoRo service, & Tramp shipping, worldwide.


North Sea, WestCoast Europe–South UK–Mediterranean–Black Sea, Liner ships, and tramp shipping

North Sea, WC Europe–Mediterranean–Africans ports, Liner and tramp shipping

Black Sea–W. Mediterranean ports–North and WC African ports–EnRoute,Semi Liner and Tramp Shipping

Black Sea–East & West Mediterranean ports–Worldwide destinations–EnRoute, Semi Liner and Tramp Shipping

East West Mediterranean, Short Sea Trade Routes–North Africans ports–EnRoute, Semi Liner & tramp ships

North Sea, WC Europe–Mediterranean–Indian Subcont.–S. Asia–EnRoute, Liner and tramp

Italian Mediterranean–Worldwide destinations–EnRoute, Liner and Tramp Shipping

North Sea, WC Europe–Mediterranean ports–Oceania–Far East–EnRoute, Liner and tramp

North Sea, WC Europe–USA–North & South America, Liner and tramp

North Sea, WC Europe–Mediterranean ports–Africans ports–WC S.America, Liner and tramp shipping

Black Sea Region Ports Connection, Short Sea, Trade Routes, Semi Liner & tramp ships See following MapBlacksea ports map link

Combined Transportation, Intermodal, River transports in Europe, Learn more ….

Our origin gateways, ports of Shipping Arrivals or Departures, semi/liner shipping.(Click to enlarge)


Black-Sea ports, West, MapNorth-Sea, W.Coast Europe, MapWest Mediterranean ports

International Line Trade Routes International Line Trade Routes International Line Trade Routes


Our network has been running with these Ship liner trade and the tramp shipping routes for years. After serving many sea freight shipments all over the Globe and more than 550 worldwide destination and linked seaports. Thus, we are able to provide in addition, complete stevedoring operations, combined transport, port and inland precarriage, transshipping, warehousing and clearing customs procedures.