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Transport and Logistics Planning, Maritime Consultants
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Transport and Logistics Planning, Maritime Consultants


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Transport and Logistics planning, Maritime Consultants

Design your freight shipping for:
Optimization, practicality, and efficiency.


StockCargo, family owned company, dominance more than 50 years, in the global transport industry, which 15 years out of this, with head-offices in Europe.
Our Maritime Consultants have diverse specialized know-how, and involved deep “hands-on” in the maritime industry, serving in various forms of the shipping trade, market research and logistics planning.
StockCargo has been trusted by many customers, as worldwide mentors, solving difficulties and delivering results to; general consultancy agencies, commercial companies, freight forwarders, and private individuals. Some of our recent market research and feasibility studies, are attached down below this page.
Our experienced and skilled consultants, focused mainly in Seaways, Seaports, Offshore and in-plant operations, on Bulk, BreakBulk cargoes, and Heavy Lift project machinery and equipment.
Additional expertise, in waterways barging and intermodal freight transportation in Europe.
Specialized trade markets; steel and metal, power generation, forestry products, industrial plant machinery, Construction equipment, mining and agriculture commodities.



Main maritime consultancy report’s type

We issue four main types of consultancy reports on the key of Global Maritime Transport. Valuable intelligence for anyone who plans to be involved in, or connected with the maritime transport industry. Mostly with key accounts project management , combining several seaports, and transport types, through complicate processes, and for the ones who needs Logistics Planning.
Briefing report, large scale report, niche report, and single trip or project.

we offer consulting

StockCargo generate and explore diverse range of maritime consultancy analysis and reports. Our services can include also on-site inspection and technical support within these areas :

 Market research and analysis. Trip route optimizationTransport type suitability.
 Feasibility Assesments. Worldwide seaports statisticsRivers transport, Intermodal.
 Coasting comparision. Vessel audit vettingCargo inspection, survey.
 Complementary services. Maritime legal backingMarket trends, forecast.

DCI-wrote ab us, Stockcargo


The maritime transport trade is tough and challenging, specially if it’s your first time. The suitable and logical solution is to work with experts who’ve been there before and know exactly what it takes to achieve success when trading with maritime industry.
If your project is not yet matured, still in the logistics planning stages, but you do not have the knowledge or experience how to plan your project.
Which organizations, seaports, shipping companies to approach, tools and contracts you will need to deal with.
Our database and expertise covers a broad range of shipping sectors, and multimodal operations.
Our consultants can prepare for you the plan-design personalized tailor-made and present you a summary document of the alternatives we decide which are best for you.
Stockcargo shipping, being a reliable, effective, adjustable and in-depended organization, and with its international network of transportation assets, agents and contacts throughout the world, can maximize the needed match options. In all our work, we aim to do at high professional, ethical and discreet conduct, all of that and more inspires confidence and trust among customers, shipowners and operators. We can prove we have the experience, expertise and dedication.
To get your Strategic Plan and Comprehensive Transport and Logistics Planning, Complete the contact form HERE,