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Intermodal Freight Transportation & Transshipment | Europe
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Intermodal Freight Transportation & Transshipment in Europe


Intermodal Transportation-StockCargo EU

Intermodal Transportation, Multimodal Logistics, In Europe, and Worldwide


Break-bulk machinery and equipment, or bulk commodities transportation, often needs to travel over a large distance. In many cases, national borders and different continents have to be crossed. Various operations, and types of transport are used, especially road transport, trucking, inland waterways, barge, railways cargo, maritime transport, and transshipment operations.


StockCargo, pioneers and market leader on, Intermodal freight transportation, in Europe.

For your import-export trade in Europe, while using one European, or Black-sea port, as gateway, but origin country, or city, for loading or unloading has no seaport or direct outlet to the sea. Such Hungary, Austria, Czech, Serbia and many others. Consequently, more than one type of transport needed.
Unlike companies which offering services in specific circumscribed region or covering only one or small part of freight transportation process.

We choose years ago, as European pioneers, more comprehensive and efficient way which combines more than one type of freight transportation. This freight transport operation named, Intermodal Transportation (or Multimodal transport), which meets the needs for conveying cargo in roads , rivers or railways.


Your single point of contact policy, you will talk with a dedicated Manager, who works with you and follows the entire journey of your goods. Understands your business language and nature, and is able to provide solution that fits you with good quality and at a competitive price.


Intermodal Transportation, main trade routes, map, in Europe. Click to enlarge.


 Intermodal transportation, Map Contact-logo-click-stockcargo

DCI-wrote ab us, Stockcargo

Our main European hubs located in Constanta and Odessa, Black-Sea in the eastern side. In Antwerp, Rotterdam and Hamburg in the west coasts North-European Seaports, and in the Adriatic sea side of Mediterranean sea, Italy. With our network channel, we cover the entire main inland European corridors. Thus, we are able to offer you a complete, tailor-made intermodal transportation and freight transshipment connections.

Our Intermodal Transportation service incorporates wide range of products, containerized,out of gauge, bulk, scrap, heavy and large, or liquid, our skilled and experienced team has complete solutions for your import export trades. The transshipment will be carry out in safe and smooth operations to your full satisfaction.
Nowadays, the segment of intermodal, multimodal or combined freight transportation is the fastest growing segment in the freight transportation sector worldwide.


As part of Intermodal transportation operations, Stockcargo offers additional logistic services, port terminal handling, loading and stuffing, warehousing, and on site operations. All follows by a 24/7 tracking-tracing system and more added value activities. Our professional in house import export clearing agent, will support your pre- and on carriage freight, documentation, formalities and customs clearing if required.

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Intermodal Opertions, case study model, 5 heavy large, Dryer units from Hungarian plant, and shipping them to North-African port, in Egypt. Types of transport; Trucking, Barging, and Seafreight ship.

1. Prepare for truck loading in plant2.Trucking to Budapest, Danube port3.Loading Barge, Danube river

Heavy-project-Intermodal-Stockcargo Trucking-Heavy Heavy-lift-barge-intermodal

4.Transshipment, Constanta port5. Lashing, Securing, On Vessel6. Seafreight to Alexandria, Egypt

Transshipment-to-alexandria Lashing-securing-on-vessel-deck Heavy construction vehicles, on deck of Break bulk ship. Stockcargo


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