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The missing squad in your logistics chain…cargo handling and port services or cargo transshipment, you have just found it.
Welcome aboard Break bulk cargo handling and port services providers-your reliable partner.


For your convenient one of our main operational centers located along and in the heart of the western European coastline,the most active seaports in the world,port Rotterdam,Antwerp,Hamburg and Le Havre.Naturally, we are accessible to these sea ports docks,terminals and utilities,and together with our partners we are equipped with all required to give you fast and quality port services at a reasonable cost,whether it’s import-export or cargo transshipment.
In many cases,StockCargo as break bulk Shipping company provide this service package as an integral part of seamless comprehensive maritime services.


Packing Packaging Labeling

For your cargo handling we have a disposal high speed Cranes of up to 1000 T lift capacity in combination, large number of forklifts,shore cranes,floating cranes,open yards and cover storage in more than 20,000 sqm and rolling equipment including containers lift possibilities. Our equipment is designed for safe and fast handling of industrial break bulk, project cargo and heavy lifts general cargo.

We handle also metals ferro alloys,steel pipes/tubes, concrete poles of all kind, and also specialized in flat rack containers-loading, packing and lifting in/out of gauge all mentioned above are in-house services near by the seaports.STOCKCARGO experienced cargo handling staff with all sorts of general dry cargoes, such as palletized, big bags, bundles, pre-sling cargoes, cases, boxes, crates, as well as steel loads such as wire rods, steel coils, slabs, plastics scrap, wood, agriculture, equipment, etc…

As part of our port services we can provide you Stuffing and /or Stripping of wood box containers,out-of-gauge cargo, open top containers or flat rack containers,which are our day to day works.Upon your request we could make Vacuum packaging for special cargo, customized crates and cargo boxes, hazardous materials rigging and securing is available in our cargo handling range of services.

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Port Heavylift Lokomotive load

Port Handling Heavylift Lokomotive

Stockcargo port services comprehensive solutions are also customs brokers and DAP Service (delivery at place) or pickup precarriage trucking inland srvices. All our mentioned services are provided in the highest quality service possible with competitive prices.


TRANSSHIPMENT IN PORT ROTTERDAM,ANTWERP PORT OF HAMBURG OR LE-HAVRE,for all dry general cargo,whether its equiped with special equipment or as break-bulk,we provide this service to cargo continuing hinterland Europe using intermodal modes,or cargo that needs continue route to other seaport,using floating cranes and all necessary utilities for this purpose,assuring seamless process and your piece of mind.


labeling should be conducted with extra care. It is also important for an exporter to be familiar with all kinds of signs and symbols and should also maintain all the nationally and internationally standards while using these symbols. Labeling should be in English, and words indicating country of origin should be as large and as prominent as any other English wording on the package or label.


       Product labeling provides the following important information: 
Shipper’s mark
Country of origin
Weight marking (pounds and kilograms)
Number of packages and size of cases (inches and centimeters)
Handling marks (international pictorial symbols)
Cautionary markings, such as “This Side Up.”
Port of entry
Labels for hazardous materials


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