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Black-Sea Shipping, Global Shipping Routes | StockCargo
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Black Sea Shipping Ports, Global Cargo-Shipping Routes


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Black sea shipping cargo experts, global routes, from/to black sea ports

DCI-wrote ab us, Stockcargo


If you have ever engaged with shipping of non-containerized, break bulk, dry bulk…cargo, from any Black-sea port, with sailing trade access to global shipping routes and sea ports, you surely realized how difficult and sometimes impossible this.


“BlackSea-Tramp Shipping Agencies”, business unit of StockCargo, unique experts for global access of cargo ships traffic who carry non-containerized, break-bulk dry or liquid and roro, from or to countries and seaports at the Black Sea region. With direct access mainly to Constanta Romania, Ukraine seaports, Odessa port, Illichivsk, Poti port in Georgia, Varna-Bulgaria, and Novorossiysk sea port of Russia.


Break bulk and dry general cargo often needs to travel over a considerable distance. In many cases, national borders have to be crossed. Various modes of transport are used including inland roads, river transportation & ocean shipping, “BlackSea Agencies” can supply complete intermodal service.

⚈ We are here to make your black sea shipping, easier,faster & convenient,
⚈ We are here with the necessary skills, know-how and experience, for you
⚈ We are here with customized tailor made solution for your black sea cargo


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Three important pillars of our service package
1. Danube Black Sea, transshipment service in the Black sea ports, which connected by barge transportation to hinterland countries in Europe, through the Danube and Rhine rivers. Same service can be preform with land-road trucking, or railroad. Serving countries with no direct access to sea such, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech more.
2. Short sea shipping, cargo ships traffic between the main blacksea ports, including Black sea Mediterranean sea of Turkish ports, completing your logistics shipping chain at affordable rates.
3. Combined transport together with the short sea shipping service, connecting country in West-Central Asia via the Caspian Sea such, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, using port Poti, Batumi, Sochi, Rostov or Novorossysk, as gateway from/to the Black sea.


Be assure that from our main hubs in the black-sea ports, port Constanta Romania, port Odessa Ukraine, port Novorossiysk Russia and Poti Sea port, we will always be able to provide you the missing piece which complete the logistics puzzle required for your Black Sea shipping project.

Map of Black Sea Region,SeaPorts,Cities & Photos Click on Photo to Enlarge

Loading Vessel in Black Sea Industrial Port Constanta International Line Trade Routes Loading Vessels in Black Sea Commercial and Industrial Port Odessa
Port Constanta
– Romania –
Black Sea
– Liner Ports –
Port Odessa
– Ukraine –


Consider the key features of Stockcargo black sea shipping package, providing you advanced network, experienced and strong supervision team in place during your logistics operations.


Loading Vessel in Black Sea Industrial Port Constanta International Line Trade Routes Loading Vessels in Black Sea Commercial and Industrial Port Odessa
Port Novorossiysk
– Russia –
Port Ilyichevsk
– Ukraine –
Port Poti
– Georgia –


Amshyn Eikʷa (Амшын Еиқәа), Khy Shʼutsʼ (Хы ШӀуцӀ), Cherno more (Черно море, IPA: [ˈtʃɛrno moˈrɛ]), Shavi zghva (შავი ზღვა), Ucha zuğa (უჩა ზუღა), or simply Zuğa ‘Sea’, Marea Neagră (IPA: [ˈmare̯a ˈne̯aɡrə]), Chornoye morye (Чёрное мо́рe, IPA: [ˈtɕɵrnəjə ˈmorʲə],
Karadeniz (IPA: [kaˈɾadeniz]), Chorne more (Чорне море, IPA: [ˈtʃɔrnɛ ˈmɔrɛ]).